Please see below the latest WWBC Guidelines for using the Bowling Green Facilities.


Date of Issue: 30/08/2021

Distribution: All Members & Visitors



The UK Government with support from the British Crown Green Bowls Association (BCGBA) have allowed outdoor sports areas to reopen. This will now enable the club to allow paid members of Wrockwardine Wood Bowling Club and visitors access to the greens until further notice. The document sets out the guidance provided by the Government and the BCGBA with additional measures and processes that the club has put in place. These must be adhered to at all times and as per the Government Guidelines and maybe withdrawn at any point.


  • Members should carry sanitiser with them to use on their hands before and after opening the club gate and after leaving the club before they return home.

  • Sterilize all equipment before and after use.

  • Social distance at all times when with people outside of your household.

  • Follow the published guidance from the BCGBA and their associated leagues. 


If you have Covid-19 Symptoms at any point and you have used the facilities, you must follow the Public Health England Track & Trace process and contact the Chairperson at your earliest opportunity, he will then contact other members you may have been in contact with as outlined in the Government Guidelines.

This is in support of the Documentation issued by the BCGBA.

A club risk assessment has been completed and approved and is held by the Chairperson of WWBC and available on request.